Organic culture

Adapt to nature. 


A commitment

Nature has waned during the last century. Going back to ancient methods which are non-polluting are for us a duty, even a struggle. It is not always easy for winegrowers to free themselves from the methods of farming which are “imposed” to them.

First, because it requires an important financial investment and above all a radical change in their farming habits which may sometimes give the impression that the winegrowers manages their productions less.

So, Provin commercially encourages and supports vineyard estates who are switching to organic farming but also all those who are willing to do it.



Organic farming uses no synthetic molecules, no herbicides and no pesticides. But the soil is worked, aerated and fed like any plant to be in good health. If the environment is healthy, why use chemical products? 

Using synthetic products is a vicious circle for nature, it certainly cures at first, in appearance, but very quickly it becomes inefficient and you need a stronger treatment; and sometimes at the expense of surrounding living organisms: weeds, insects but also all the persons working on the vineyard.


Provin encourages and supports all winemakers
committed in respect of the environment!

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