Rediscovering wine


Pascal Collotte

Meeting wine-growers from all over the world undoubtedly led Pacal Collotte, globe-trotter of the Saury barrel-maker, to become in his turn a wine-grower.  

Having a passion for “wines and men” he created Provin in 2012, a wine merchant oriented toward organic and biodynamic wines, which may be called “made to measure” or ’hand-made” wines, made by authentic wine-growers. An example of this type of wines is the one made in his Bordeaux château Jean Faux.


Whoever loves him follows him ...

Pascal Collotte is a passionate man who knows what wine-growers and buyers expect from a wine. 

Today, many vineyards are careful to make authentic wines, with a real “terroir” identity. 

We are working on these great wines, which are sometimes little known by the general public. 

Thinking about clean growing techniques is essential. It is even an urgent environmental necessity. 

Nowadays, focusing on organic and biodynamic wines has become obvious.



When we taste them, the wines which have been organically produced often have an “ardour”, a particular “tension”, which restore that “intrepidity”, that strong expression of an identity peculiar to each terroir.  

At the time of the standardisation of taste, beauty and good, it is important to give wine its nobility back. This nobility lays in its rebirth which requires a respectful farming of the land, in the reflection on the techniques in accordance with nature, and finally in the respect for its forefathers when the winegrower respects their ancestral methods.


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